SpaceBlimp 7 A high altitude balloon project

Join Us

SpaceBlimp 7 is a collaboration between HacDC hackerspace, Rockville RSC Makerspace, and Unallocated Space (Severn, MD). The worknight meetings are in-person; we do not do teleconferencing. We teleconference our logistical meetings, you may join us in-person or via teleconferencing.

For video we use Google Hangouts (, for phone calls Free Conference Call (; Conference Call Details: 605-472-5373; Access Code: 154168).

Areas where you can get involved in SB7

For large projects like ours it takes a community to create. Here are a list of possible skills that are great and useful for our project! (And fear not, there's always a skill that comes useful eventually like knot tying, or just learn something new).

  • Programming
  • Physical hardware (e.g. soldering, PCB and electronic design
  • 3D printing
  • Assembling equipment and payloads
  • Logistics and outreach (e.g. PR, marketing)
  • Student outreach program


  • Nancy C. Wolfson, Project Manager & Student Outreach Manager - [email protected]
  • HacDC - Enrique Cobas, Technical Manager
  • Rockville Makerspace - Sam C., Technical Manager; David D., Logistics & Outreach Manager
  • Unallocated Space: Buddy, Technical and Logistics Manager.