SpaceBlimp 7 A high altitude balloon project

Technical Details

More details coming soon. Brief information:

  • Ballon: latex, 1500g
  • Spare balloon: latex, 1500g
  • Insulated lunch box
  • Parachute
  • Ring for payload
  • Attitude adjuster payload (Andrew Reed:
  • Cosmic ray detector (David Bengtson)
  • Location tracker, custom
  • Backup tracker
  • Flight predictors: HabHub, University of Michigan Balloon Flight Prediction Page
  • Cameras: GoPros, Raspberry Pi cameras
  • Radio: Ham radio operators, various radios
  • Chase teams: 1 ham radio operator per car, car mount antennas, APRS for packets from payload (every ~60 seconds a packet is sent with coordinates)

We are aiming for a minimum altitude of 100,000 feet with a ground travel distance of 100-150 miles from three possible locations in the Maryland/Virginia region. Locations are chosen 24-48 hours in advance based off of weather patterns. Ideal conditions would be little to no winds (less than 7mph), the jet stream is in our favour, flight predictions do not lead us into the ocean or local airports/Potomac River, etc.